«What a surprise! Huge goblins fill the room. Although the figures are firmly fixed, a dance festival seems to take place: Some sway and bend, others strut around or watch in calm silence what is going on.»

Peter Killer, art historian, former co-editor of the culture magazine "Du", former art critic Tages-Anzeiger




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In 2003 Alfons Bürgler discovered his first tree figure in a bush, a small branch with two "legs" and two "arms". The accidental discovery was the beginning of a series of sculptures that still occupies him today. For these sculptures (human-like figures) he does not need the tools typical of wood sculptors, but only saws and pruning shears. He saws his tree figures from bushes and trees, which he finds in hedges and on forest edges. He specifically searches bush and tree branches for forms that he can turn into figures when turned 180 degrees. The smallest of the tree figures are a few centimeters high, the largest about three meters.

Grown trees, literally turned upside down by the artist Alfons Bürgler, can be seen in this gallery as goblins, women, men, lovers and dancers. In the associated AMBIENTE, encounters and exchanges take place while eating, drinking, watching and observing.



Alfons Bürgler's "Baumfiguren-Kabinett", the Tree Figure Gallery is a continuation of his longest and most successful creative phase "Körperschriften". His paintings, steles, ornamental ribbons on paper, wood, canvas and, in collaboration with a glass artist, even as art in construction, fascinate viewers, buyers and critics alike.

The goal of making this gallery accessible to the public for at least three years has long since been achieved. In the meantime, the AMBIENTE has developed into a meeting place, which is highly appreciated by many visitors because of its unique ambience.

Since 2008, countless schools, groups and associations have visited this unconventional little museum.



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